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What is Medadvisor.in?

Medadvisor.in is the world's first platform for an individual to share their healthcare service experiences across the entire value spectrum of health care providers. The process of reviewing is user friendly with a option to 'rate' service providers on the various services rendered, along with facility for reviewer to include specific feedback and comment besides uploading any photos or reports.

For the customer/patient:

In India, vast majority of healthcare is paid for by the individuals themselves. The decision of 'who is a good doctor, for what specialisation, in which hospital' has always been a riddle which one tried to answer through advice and recommendations from family, friends and well wishers. The reason one trusts the advice of the near and dear ones is due to the lack of bias or hidden agenda in their advice. Medadvisor.in operates on this precise philosophy, by becoming a single place to aggregate unbiased reviews on different health care providers (hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors, pharmacies and medical insurance companies) and sharing the same for the benefit of the entire community. What more, these reviews are available to anyone, free of cost and can be accessed 24/7.

For the service provider:

Medadvisor.in provides each of the service providers an extensive and custom detailed real time dashboard, with relevant data & analysis covering all their customer service points. This data can be used by them to either make corrections to their approach or give emphasis to their 'best practices. The service providers can also compare their detailed performances with the market average & competition to understand potential opportunities and possible threats more scientifically. Though this data is available real time Medadvisor.in also mails this critical data to each of the service providers. Medadvisor.in also offers the service providers a space to communicate directly with their target customers through special offers & announcements.

For the community:

By providing a space for reviews from patients and responses from the service providers Medadvisor.in gives both sides of the story for any potential customer to make a well thought out healthcare decision.

Also in the plans are blogs being written on specific health care related issues by doctors and specialists making medadvisor.in a complete and holistic solution to all our health care related questions.


Medadvisor.in is the brainchild of Indrajit Kalidasan, an individual with 20+ yrs of entrepreneurial experience across diverse online & offline businesses.

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What is MedAdvisor?

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