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Hypnotherapy - An alternate medical science

DrurmishDr. Urmish Mehta

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In our country, the word hypnosis scares a lot of people. Many think of it as black magic or witchcraft and consider it to be a taboo. Hypnosis is nothing like what it is portrayed in fiction books or amusing movies. In reality, hypnosis is an alternate medical science that heals people. Though popular in the west, it takes its origin in India. Our ancient saints and healers discovered this powerful technique to help people with physical and psychological illnesses. With improved research and awareness, today hypnosis is globally used as a scientific mechanism that promotes healing and self-development.

Hypnosis works by inducing a trance-like-state in the mind. In this state, the person undergoing hypnosis is highly attentive, focussed and more open to suggestions. Suggestions are nothing but ideas, directions, concepts or lifestyle adaptations given by the hypnotist to bring constructive changes in the person seeking help. Individuals allow themselves to enter this state so that the desired changes take place in their subconscious mind, the mind that is highly powerful controlling 90% of our life.

Hypnosis is a safe and time-tested method used to treat people with fear, anxiety, phobia, depression, stress, insomnia, pain and other psychosomatic issues. A hypnotist is a certified professional who can reprogram a person’s negative or suppressed thoughts into positive ones. With access to the past memories stored in the subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can identify the root cause of any problematic behaviour. On identifying, he makes use of positive and constructive suggestions to change the person’s underlying belief system. After a few sessions, the person shows remarkable progress and lives an empowered life after which he or she is taught self-hypnosis to practise whenever required.

Benefits of hypnosis

Hypnosis helps us relax and reduce stress levels. It enables us to overcome all kinds of fear, phobia, anxiety, and stress related symptoms like hypertension, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, etc. It is a powerful science that can be used to alter behavioural patterns like addiction, craving, anger and pain management. Many people seek hypnosis for self-empowerment, for building good leadership and communication skills, for goal-setting and for developing strategies to bring professional growth. As hypnosis intensely improves concentration and clarity, it can guarantee phenomenal progress in any field.


Important facts about hypnosis

  1. Without the willing participation of the subject, it is impossible for the hypnotist to hypnotize and take the subject to the altered state of consciousness.
  2. Under hypnotic state, the hypnotised person cannot be made to do anything against his or her own will, culture, moral, ethical and religious beliefs.
  3. It is impossible to reveal one’s deepest, darkest secrets, unless the person consciously wants to share them with the hypnotist.
  4. Under hypnotic trance, the subject exhibits complete control over speech and action. In fact, the person is hyper attentive and vividly remembers everything that happens through the entire session of hypnosis.

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