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DrurmishDr. Urmish Mehta


This century, one of the biggest things that the entire world has collectively woken up to is physical fitness. All of us want to be physically fit so that we don’t become dependent on others but become dependable for others. Apart from indulging in numerous physical activities, we have also woken up to the importance of good food and balanced diet. But in the endeavour of keeping up good health, we have ignored one of the most important aspects, and that is our poor little mind. Health in its truest sense isn’t limited to sporting a fit body but it also extends to hosting a happy and vibrant mind.

While physical fitness adds years to life, it is mental fitness adds life to years. And anyway, what is the point of living long if our days on earth are going to be dull, lethargic, miserable and boring? That is why it is not important but crucial to maintain good mental fitness. Having said that, how does one achieve it?

The mind, which at times, is as delicate as a flower that gets crushed by one wrong word or one misdeed, and at times, as solid as a rock that wouldn’t move even if thousand bulldozers were against it, is a highly complex piece of creation that has undergone years and years of evolution. To dissect it and to know it in and out is next to impossible as we don’t know where the mind is located in the human body. So knowing it doesn’t fall under the scope of human understanding. How to tame that which is unknown and more importantly, that which is unknowable?

Awareness is the answer. Though it might look simple, it takes multiple lifetimes to practise and master awareness. How does one become aware? When you face a challenging situation, step out of your mind and body and view the whole scene from the outside, like a witness, like a third-person. Dropping your identity and becoming a witness is called awareness. What happens when you step out? Without your conscious effort, something in you disassociates itself with the limited identity that you have assigned to you. With this disssociation, you realize that there is something in you that is beyond your problems, worries or fears.

Getting this awareness right is winning half the battle. Solutions would follow automatically but unless we learn to be a witness, we would whirl with the storm and get lost in the sea. This is what happens to the majority of us. We relate too much with the problem or the obstacle, and in no time we end up becoming it. Awareness helps us to cut the cord and observe it from above, getting a helicopter view of the whole thing. And then magic happens.

How to develop this magical awareness? Self-hypnosis is the way. With self-hypnosis, you can train yourself to get a bird eye’s view of every situation. With this in place, you do not ride with the mind’s roller-coaster; instead you become observant and stay calm, centred and composed. This gives you the strength and intelligence to handle whatever comes your way. A certified and experienced hypnotherapist can teach you self-hypnosis in a few sessions and you can master this technique over a short period of time.

After all, in this journey of life, you cannot always change the external circumstances and make them work in your favour, but you can certainly change what happens in the inside and choose how to respond to it.  

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