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The magic of living in the present..

DrurmishDr. Urmish Mehta

Living in the present

We humans are weird.  Having evolved for centuries, we have conquered the skies but we continue to remain victims of our own mind. The mind that loiters between the past and the future, the mind that clings on to the negative, the mind that makes too much noise robbing us of our inner peace, the mind that doesn’t stay where it is supposed to stay - in the present;  these are the nature of untamed mind. But the same mind when trained to be in the present moment, can give us a happy, successful and peaceful life. Read on to know how.

The thing with living in the past is that you will never remember the uncle who gave you chocolates but you will always remember his son who snatched away your toys. Past is predominantly painful. The friend who cheated, the neighbour who quarrelled, the incidents that made you cry, you will remember all of this, because your mind likes to visit those places in the memory that made you feel sad, upset and miserable. Even if you are cherishing some pleasant memory, you will end up with the thought, “Wish I could go back! I was so happier then.” Past can never make you feel good. The next time your mind takes you there, it is best to drop it.

Now comes the future. More often than not, thinking about the future gives you stress, fear, worry, anxiety – all negative emotions associated with uncertainty. If you happen to be someone who is highly stressed out thinking about the future, ask yourself this question, “How can I be fearful of something I do not even know?” Does this statement make sense? Read it again if it doesn’t. It could be one of the most rewarding realities of life. You do not know what is going to happen the next second, there is no point spoiling your today thinking about your tomorrow. Let the future be in the future.

The bottomline is that we handicap ourselves by living in the regrets of the past or in the anxieties of the future. Every human has unbound potential, but why are some able to reach the pinnacles of success and happiness while others stay stagnant. The difference is that the former category of people have mastered the art of living in the present moment. They act with spontaneity because they are alert and in the moment. They are ready to receive everything that life has to offer because they aren’t busy day dreaming.

Hypnotherapy is one great science that can equip you with the skill of living in the present. Not just this, it can heal you of your past, remove your anxieties about the future, and keep you fresh and radiant every moment. Once you master the techniques used by the therapist, you can gift yourself a life of unlimited possibilities and will never go back to being your stagnant self. 

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